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Most people don’t remember their fourth day of 1st grade. For me, that was the day that changed my life.


On August 29th, 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit my hometown of New Orleans. We evacuated to Baton Rouge, a city about 80 miles northwest of New Orleans. Though to me this seemed like the worst thing that could happen at the time, but, it was nothing compared to what others experienced back in New Orleans after the levees broke. People lost their families, their friends, their belongings, and many lost their homes.


The first thing I was given at the evacuee school was a backpack. It was filled with school supplies and clothes. People were so giving and supportive. I am forever inspired by the generosity of others, forever grateful.


This experience moved me and my cousins, Miranda and Morgan, to do something to give back and support other children in times of crisis.

Olivia Hart

Founder, HARTPACKS, A charitable fund to share the heart of giving.

We created HARTPACKS backpacks with a simple mission to share the heart of giving.

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